We can flexibly meet your needs

Leveraging the technologies, techniques, and knowledge we have cultivated over many years, we also offer OEM products. We can produce a wide range of sweets both Japanese and Western in style, including baked, steamed, and “uchigashi” dry confections. One of our defining characteristics is that we make use of both machines and human hands as part of our careful production processes, enabling us to engage in highly precise and trustworthy confection creation. Although this strategy isn’t suited to mass production, we are able to meet needs for small-scale production with a high degree of flexibility. We will carefully engage in the development of your product by combining our technology, techniques, and knowledge with your needs.

Machinery and Equipment
・Encrusting machine ・Rack oven ・Steam boiler ・Filling machine ・Form-fill-seal machine ・Food printer ・Automatic packaging machine, etc.

For customers who want to launch
their own private brand products

Have you already decided on a product plan and ingredients but haven’t yet found a company that can make it a reality?
We can respond flexibly to your needs.

For customers who want to create
an original product but don’t have the know-how

Feel free to contact us, even if you don’t have the details down yet. We will make full use of Mutsumi Seika’s knowledge and experience to provide you with total support, from planning to commercialization and production.

For customers who just need someone
to produce their best-selling product

If your company is experiencing challenges with production, we can take on mass production contracts. With meticulous attention to your requests, we will produce your products utilizing our well-equipped facilities and artisanal skills.

Steps in the OEM Process


Contact Us

Contact us using our contact form and select the OEM option as your contact reason. If you’ve already made some decisions, please include those details in your inquiry to speed up response time.



We will ask you about your requests and what you would like to achieve. For distant or busy customers, we can also speak with you online via Zoom or other platform.


Sample Production

We will produce samples based on your requests and, if you approve, provide a quote. Samples may require additional charges depending on the content of your requests and sample quantity.


Trial Production and Quality Evaluation

Based on the samples from the previous step, we will engage in a trial of mass production. (Note: Fees will be charged for this step.)
We will then use the resulting trial products to conduct a quality evaluation of the ingredients and other elements before submitting a formal quote.


Contract Conclusion

After receiving your approval of the contents of the trial production test, quality evaluation, and formal quote, we will conclude a contract with your company.
We will then start producing your product according to your requested quantity and desired delivery date.



After all of the above steps are completed, we will deliver your product to your desired location.